About Carol Aron

One thing I know for sure about life is that nothing remains the same. Sooner or later, another situation comes along that can motivate us to move forward, cause us to stand still, or push us off balance. Energy healing can be a powerful compass to find your destination and discover new insights along the way. I learned that first hand when years of pain was not alleiveiated by conventional methods. That was my turning point. Intuitive abilities I had as a child returned with more regularity, precision and focus and I developed a passion for demystifying the magical. In 2005, I trained with a master healer and was certified in the Yuen Method of Chinese energetics. I continued to find and integrate amazing processes for instant self healing and with an amazing channel of guides, I created a system to Connecting Your Dots!

I love a challenge and I’m passionate about helping people “connect their dots” so they can experience some of the amazing benefits of this process. Connecting Your Dots is an intuitive system of energy healing that includes Trinfinity8 quantum technology, my propriety Duchini Codes, and personal sessions with me. All of these services are available in person or remotely wherever your location may be.

Here are some amazing benefits we’ve discovered from Connecting Your Dots:

  • Calm mental chatter, feel more present, and release tension from your body
  • Release remnants of the past that include old expectations and unresolved hurts that burden your energy
  • Speed recovery from loss, physical injury, medical interventions, and associated traumas
  • Balance and center to improve relationships at home, in school, or on the job
  • Sharpen your memory and skills before an exam or interview
  • Identify recurring patterns that subconsciously sabotage your strength and well-being.
  • Optimize your creativity for solving problems or shaping ideas
  • Tap into higher dimensions of your self for greater understanding and insight
  • Make a difference in the world for yourself, your loved ones and all sentient beings
  • Feel the energy of unconditional love and your eternal connection with Divine grace
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