We are all linked 
by a fabric of 
unseen connections.

-David Bohm, Quantum Physics


Blessings, Energy, and Self-Healing for 2020
This amazing healing code was revealed to help humanity through these challenging times. This code was channeled to assist you, to align, and reset your whole being into balance, coherence, and optimal wellness. Use it frequently and share with loved ones.
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About Connecting Your Dots


One thing I know for sure about life is that nothing remains the same. Sooner or later, another situation comes along that can motivate us to move forward, cause us to stand still, or push us off balance. Energy healing can be a powerful compass to find your destination and discover new insights along the way. I learned that first hand when nothing else I had tried to overcome years of pain worked for me. I started this journey seeking pain relief and in the process, my intuitive abilities I had as a child returned with more precision and focus and I developed a passion for demystifying the magical. In 2005, I trained with esteemed Grand Master Kam Yuen, and am certified in the Yuen Method of Chinese energetics. I continued to find and integrate processes for rapid self-healing and with an amazing channel of guides, I created a system to Connecting Your Dots!

I love a challenge and I’m passionate about helping people “connect their dots” so they can experience some of the extraordinary benefits of this process. Connecting Your Dots is an system of energy healing that includes Trinfinity8 quantum technology, my propriety Duchini Codes, and Customized Healing Sessions with me. All of these services are available in person or transmitted remotely wherever your location may be. I also work with groups of people where I demonstrate and teach energy healing. 

Here are some amazing breakthroughs we’ve discovered from Connecting Your Dots:
• Calm mental chatter, feel more present, and release tension from your body
• Release remnants of the past that include old expectations and unresolved hurts that burden your energy
• Speed recovery from loss, physical injury, medical interventions, and associated traumas
• Balance and center to improve relationships at home, in school, or on the job
• Sharpen your memory and skills before an exam or interview
• Identify recurring patterns that subconsciously sabotage your strength and well-being.
• Optimize your creativity for solving problems or shaping ideas
• Tap into higher dimensions of your self for greater understanding and insight
• Make a difference in the world for yourself, your loved ones and all sentient beings
• Feel the energy of unconditional love and your eternal connection with Divine grace

Your body is an energy field. Your thoughts and emotions are energy fields as are everyone and everything near or beyond you. Amazingly, we are connected in this flow of life energy. We can intentionally connect with energy, and feel its expression in our lives.

- Carol Duchini Aron, Connecting Your Dots


Trinfinity8 is the first quantum device of its kind that uses bio-energetic software to deliver algorithmic codes of regenerating and rejuvenating instructions to your body in a language it recognizes. My first experience with Trinfinity8 was at a busy Whole Life Expo in Los Angeles. In just 15 minutes, I felt a deep relaxation as experienced in meditation. At the same time, my body felt refreshed, grounded and physically stronger. I understood that this energy device was like no other I had experienced. 

When I create healing protocols using Trinfinity8, my intuition guides the process so that each protocol is congruent with a person’s specific need or desire. While running a program, a quantum interface magnifies the person’s intention to bring about desired transformation and change.

With over 5,000 rejuvenation formulas and a quantum interface that magnifies a person’s intention, it is the first bio-energetic device to use pure quartz crystal rods that are held in our hands to directly deliver information to the body. It is safe for people of all ages and for our animal companions. See video testimonials below! 


The Duchini Codes were created to transmit supportive, uplifting and healing energy to its users in any location, on the spot. Each code is a specific vibrational response to a need, want, or desire that is aligned with your highest good. Simply looking at an image embedded with these energies starts the healing process! All Duchini Codes work with intention and energetically support you by gently quieting the mind, reducing cumulative effects of stress, and optimizing your natural resources. They work best when you need them most. For more on the Duchini Codes, please visit the FAQs. 

Try out our free Calm, Centered, Whole Duchini Code by subscribing to our email list! Use it regularly to feel more relaxed and grounded.


As an artist, I get so much pleasure making these wands. My one-of-a kind, hand-crafted wands are made with hand selected energy stones, vintage fabrics, and embellishments. Since each wand is different and they sell quickly, please email me at carol@connectingyourdots.com for availability and price.


Beyond fragrance, pure essential oils have a long history of supporting our over-all wellness and wellbeingIncorporating just a few drops of Young Living essential oils in your daily life can bring far-reaching benefits: 
• Clients always appreciate having essential oils during our sessions because the oils work so fast to help them feel more relaxed and focused.
• At home, we use essential oils for immune system support, culinary flavorings, and occasional overworked muscles, and DIY goodies.
• Essential oils are great travel companions too, helping us maintain our energy levels, cool down on a hot day, and improve the air quality on airplanes and in hotel rooms
• There are even pre-diluted oils for children and essential oils for pets....

Please note: Young Living is a direct sales company and I am a wholesale member. 
You can learn more about YL essential oils by visiting our FAQs or get started with your essential oil collection here. 


Marie Elena
Linda F
Hand-Crafted Wands
I felt excruciating pain from my shoulder down to the ends of my fingers. My doctor said it was a pinched nerve. My chiropractor said it was muscle tightness and misalignment of the spine. Nothing I tried worked. Over the phone, Carol identified baggage, burdens, and responsibilities I had been carrying for lifetimes! For several years, I suffered with chronic pain in my shoulder. I don’t have that pain anymore. Her insights are amazing.
- T. Allison
Carol operates on another level. During my first workshop with Carol, incredible understanding began and I was finally able to identify and employ my healing abilities. 
- Scott E. Smith, CA
Depression and a horrible break up with my boyfriend was causing severe heartache and pain. I had reached my breaking point. Carol and I met for our first session and immediately afterwards, I stopped crying and had so much clarity. I was amazed at the speed of Carol’s work. She was able to accomplish in mere hours what had taken 4 years of therapy! My life is forever changed and people notice the brightness in my eyes now too. I feel the sky’s the limit! Carol is a life saver.
- M. Gibbs
I was traumatized and unable to work for several days when eight people who are close to me suddenly died or got very ill, all in one week. I’m an energy healer, but sometimes energy healers can’t help themselves without support. I reached out to Carol because I trust her abilities and her work. I live in Arizona and she did this via long distance. Thanks to Carol, I was able to function and return to work the next day. I decided to use one of her Duchini Codes which helped me stay grounded after her work. They are magnificent!
- V. Barnes, Az
Duchini Code, My Stellar Beauty is Excellent ! I really saw and still see improvement in firmness and less deep wrinkles. Lots of compliments, too. People, men & women just complimented my skin, youthful, dewy. 10 out of 10!
- Clare T, California
I cannot say enough about Carol’s gentle, compassionate, caring ways as well as her investigative sleuthing ability to get to the root of the problem for ultimate healing. I’m frankly in awe of her process and grateful to know I can count on her to bring me out of a ’cycle’ -stubborn auto-immune. She has also been able to help one of my dogs who has been suffering with mast cell cancer and cannot have any more surgery. Carol, thanks for all you do for me and my 4-legged kids! Much respect and love.
- Linda S, Thousand Oaks, CA
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