An Evening with James Van Praagh

My Guest Appearance on “Both Sides Now and Beyond” with Psychic Medium James Van Praagh and Kellee White  Synchronicities at Work Our dear friends were visiting us from Sedona for the weekend. That Sunday, I had a previous commitment and could not join them on their day trip to Ojai. Our mutual friend, Angela, accompanied […]

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The Duchini Codes - Energy at Your Fingertips!

Our physical bodies as well as our thoughts and emotions are essentially energy. A natural flow of balanced energy goes hand in hand with a balanced life. As we all know, modern day stressors are inevitable and when that happens, we may need assistance for our body, mind, and spirit to center and balance. There […]

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Welcome to Connecting Your Dots!

It always amazes me how the universe has no shortage of creative ways to get our attention. I picture this phenomenon like the pencil drawings that are created by connecting numbered dots. The big difference between childhood drawings and real- life events is that we accumulate thousands of dots and they are not arranged in […]

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