Welcome to Connecting Your Dots!
admin on February 20, 2024

It always amazes me how the universe has no shortage of creative ways to get our attention. I picture this phenomenon like the pencil drawings that are created by connecting numbered dots. The big difference between childhood drawings and real- life events is that we accumulate thousands of dots and they are not arranged in a logical sequence.

Welcome to Connecting Your Dots!

Connecting Your Dots began with that flash of awareness that energy and consciousness are linked, and that the human energy field is deeply connected with physical, emotional, and spiritual health. That realization came to me when, with the help of an energy practitioner, I was able to avert spinal surgery and resolve pain I had been struggling with for over two years. As I let myself absorb what was happening, a world of possibilities opened for me and I believed that I could use this knowledge to make a difference in the world.

Countless interests and challenges in my life served to lay the groundwork for this to happen. I had the good fortune of having a wonderful family with opportunities for education and travel. I was encouraged to use my imagination and do my best. But my life wasn’t without challenges and setbacks. Still, even at my lowest points, I had an unshakeable belief that there was something outside of my awareness that was trying to communicate with me. Throughout my life, I was aware of and could feel the presence of relatives who had passed away and I somehow knew how events would unfold before they actually happened. These events were sporadic and I believed them to be outside of my control.

2005 was a pivotal year for my evolution. I was introduced to Dr Kam Yuen and began my training with him in the esteemed Yuen Method. As I transitioned from my career in art and academia to the world of quantum energy, I developed highly accurate intuitive abilities and applied this skill in countless practical ways. This became the inspiration for Connecting Your Dots.

I am passionate about helping people and deeply gratified to witness transformational changes in so many lives. It is a joy for me to work in person with individuals and small groups at my home in California. Remote healing work has given me opportunities to also meet with clients all over the world. Wherever you are on your path in life, know that you are blessed and supported. Be open to clues. There is a force guiding you.

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