What is Energy?

Everything in the universe is energy. We can develop our own conscious awareness to feel its vibration and frequency. It is the building block of all physical matter – and is what we call the energy fields. Together with our own energy field, infinite fields of energy exist throughout the universe and are responsive to our thoughts, feelings, and intentions. When we meet a new person or walk into a room, we naturally sense energy. It may feel good, neutral, or uncomfortable. Energy healers help people by using their abilities to tap into and interact with these energies.

What is Energy Healing?

When energy healers work with someone, they consider the whole person –body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Evidence of energy healing is all around us. People recover from physical wounds, rebound from loss, and find inspiration to solve problems. All of nature including animals and plants have self-healing mechanisms. People generally seek out “energy healing” as a way to help them to achieve breakthroughs when they feel stuck in a situation. Other reasons people reach out to energy healers are curiosity, a commitment to personal growth, an inner spiritual tug, or a desire to develop their own abilities for making these deeper connections.

How does a Connecting Your Dots session with Carol work?

Connecting Your Dots is a process for supporting the whole person integrating principles of the Yuen Method and Chinese Energetics, scientific discoveries about energy fields, and my personal insights from thousands of energy healings. My goal is to help you feel lighter and stronger by providing you with relevant tools and insights for healing on many levels and dimensions. We can work together in person or remotely by phone or email. If you've purchased a session, please email carol@connectingyourdots.com to schedule your appointment. Please include your phone number!

How to prepare for a long distance session:

Preparing yourself for a session is easy. Simply think about or feel into what you would like to accomplish and write it down. Before our call, shut off your devices, prepare a glass of water or cup of tea, and find a comfortable spot. Call me at our appointed time and we will begin!

Long distance and in-person sessions:

Our session begins as you describe your reason for seeking energy healing. I’m very present with you and sense your energy field. As you describe your situation, I see a bird’s eye view of related aspects of your story - like pieces of a puzzle falling into place. If there is a puzzle piece that is distorted or missing, it will indicate a specific weakness that needs to be strengthened. Most of my work is silent as this allows me to remain present and intuitively follow your pathways of least resistance to many dimensions of information on your behalf. Noticing where, when, and how your energy feels weak, I will use a quick process to strengthen you and ask for your feedback.

Eliminating root causes of energy blocks restores energy like turning on a fountain of water. It flows and circulates throughout your systems and refreshes your body, mind, and spirit.

How do I use a Duchini Code?

Each Duchini Code begins with channeled information that supports a particular need and that works in concert with your intention. After considering multiple ways to deliver these frequencies, imagery was chosen because it is a format that is easy to use. When you hold or look at a Duchini Code, setting your intention will begin the process. It’s just another form of connecting with energy that your body understands. Each code comes with an intention but feel free to use your own words. Scanning the image with your eyes starts the process. Some people also like to touch the picture with their fingertips or hold it in their left or right hand. Others prefer to close their eyes and feel subtle energy shifts. The Duchini Codes are intended to help you activate your own ability for self-healing and self-strengthening. They are meant to offer immediate support. There is no need for you to concentrate. It’s as simple as using a phone, without having to know how that works. Setting aside a few moments each day to look at a Duchini Code may help you to feel more relaxed and present to take on the day or prepare for sleep. Please note that purchases are non-refundable.
1. Download the code to your phone, save it in your photos or upload it to a cloud storage of your choice so that it's always handy. Or print it out so that you can hold it in your hands.
2. “Set an Intention”. Keep it simple. Say the words aloud or silently in your thoughts and take a moment to be present with your intention.
3. Hold the code in your Left or Right hand or Both. Let go of overthinking about how to hold your code. You’ll know what will feel best for you.
4. Please safeguard the integrity of this energy. Your Duchini Code was created for your personal use.

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