An Evening with James Van Praagh
admin on March 25, 2024

My Guest Appearance on “Both Sides Now and Beyond” with Psychic Medium James Van Praagh and Kellee White

 Synchronicities at Work

Our dear friends were visiting us from Sedona for the weekend. That Sunday, I had a previous commitment and could not join them on their day trip to Ojai. Our mutual friend, Angela, accompanied Lisa and Leslie to Ojai for lunch. And later that afternoon, I began getting texts from the three women urging me to hurry home and that we were invited to dinner with James Van Praagh! For those of you who may not be familiar with this extraordinary personality, he is a world - renowned psychic medium whose work I had admired for years. As it turned out, Lisa and Leslie had known James and coincidently, he was visiting Ojai that day.

As soon as I arrived home, the four of us drove to Santa Barbara where we met James and his canine companion, Pearl. It was such a treat for me to meet James in person. As you might imagine, conversations were “spirited”! That evening, James asked me if I was a healer and wanted to hear more about Connecting Your Dots and a healing technique that I had developed called the Duchini Codes.

We talked about how early in my energy practice, I discovered that objects, such as jewelry, can also absorb, contain, and emit energy. Throughout the years of working with energy fields,  I began thinking about the possibility of “packaging” energy in some way that could  help more people when they needed it most. As I began to develop this idea more, we began to think of it as “energy-on-the-go”!

Watch the podcast,  CLICK HERE!

Divine Alignment

My dream became a reality. In 2014, I made a prototype and brought it to a networking event in Los Angeles.

You can read my story,  CLICK HERE.

The Duchini Codes are so simple to use. Abundant frequencies are encoded in a picture. Simply having an intention and looking at the picture will enable a flow of information that delivers energetic support to the whole person: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual.

At the dinner table, I offered one of my Duchini Codes to James. In just a few moments of looking at the picture, he could feel the effects of the energies and said “This is the real deal.” The next thing I heard was an invitation from James Van Praagh to be a guest on his show!


As more people experience the gentle power of the Duchini Codes, I see greater potential for their use. I am now incorporating them in my energy practice as well as my personal life and developing more Codes that will be added to the collection. I feel immense gratitude knowing these codes are helping people to lighten their burdens and to connect with their inner wisdom so that they can be at their best.

“Every time I look at the picture, I smile😊 The energy goes straight into my heart. ❤️” -Annie, CA

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