The Duchini Codes - Energy at Your Fingertips!
admin on February 20, 2024

Our physical bodies as well as our thoughts and emotions are essentially energy. A natural flow of balanced energy goes hand in hand with a balanced life. As we all know, modern day stressors are inevitable and when that happens, we may need assistance for our body, mind, and spirit to center and balance. There numerous ways we can do that:  walking in nature, grounding, mind-body practices, energy healing, etc. What if there was a way to get instant help when you need it most.

How The Duchini Codes Came To Be

In the early days of my energy healing practice, a woman came to me asking for help with a difficult relationship she was experiencing with her adult son. In the course of our conversation, I felt that she was being negatively affected by something she was wearing. When I brought this to her attention, she removed her ring and placed it in my hand and asked “Is it this?” I had never before felt such a strong energy from an inanimate object. As it turned out, the ring had belonged to her deceased mother and it was their relationship that needed healing.

That experience showed me that objects absorb energy and that energy can be transferred and also transformed.

In 2014, I was helping a client to overcome chronic debilitating pain and during her session, I channeled a very specific energy correction for her. This wasn’t out of the ordinary, or so I thought. As it happened,  information I was receiving was in a language I found myself unable to pronounce or spell. At that point, I wasn’t sure how to communicate this. I decided to rely on my artist brain and grabbed blank paper and a pen. At that moment, my hand began moving very fast, automatically. When the abstract drawing was completed, I handed it to my client and her response was remarkable. In seconds, she stood up and began to walk back and forth while stretching and rotating her hips. She beamed a big smile and we were astounded! Angela was the first person to receive specific energetic corrections directly from an image. Today, she is my go-to person for bouncing ideas and testing energy codes.

One of the first people to hold my protype of “Calm Centered Whole” was a dentist from Japan. He brought an interpreter with him to a networking event in Los Angeles where I had an opportunity to launch this product. The doctor held it for a few moments and said to me in English, “calm, calm”. His interpreter asked me if it was available for sale as he wanted to offer this to his patients! So many stories like that provided the energy and momentum I needed to continue this project.

These fantastical experiences marked the beginning of a new approach to energy healing that led me to develop the Duchini Codes. These are direct healings in the form of pictures that are embedded with dynamic frequencies of information for the body, mind, and spirit.

Healing at Your Fingertips

To ensure that you have energy support available to you when you want it most, they are now in the form of downloadable pdfs for instant transfer to your phone or computer.

Using a Duchini Code is meant to be effortless. To activate healing energy, simply begin with one intention. This can be said aloud or silently. Then look at the picture as you would a photograph or a painting. Some people prefer to look at the pictures while standing. Others who look at the picture while in a sitting position tell us that it worked well for them too. More recently, people are telling me that they use the picture on their computer as a screen saver or print it to keep on their office desk or kitchen counter. I encourage everyone to experiment. Let your own intuition guide you.

“A picture is worth a thousand words” The pictures of the Duchini Codes that you see on my website are like book covers. When you download your selection, the picture you will see is embedded with healing energies. It’s as if the contents of the book are condensed similar to a barcode: a lot of information in a small symbol for fast and easy access.

Looking to the Future

Currently there are over seventy Duchini Codes with more in process. I am excited to begin  working with devices that can measure a person’s physical and emotional states before and after using a Duchini Code. Skepticism is healthy. It keeps us sharp and focused. I feel providing empirical knowledge will open more minds and help more people. That is the ultimate goal afterall.

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