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Dental Procedures SOS Set


This is a powerful trio of dynamic energies that support all aspects of having to undergo dental procedures such as braces, filling, root canals, extractions, crowns, implants. I created this trio for myself when faced with 2 complicated extractions. Simply look at the Before, During, and After Dental Procedure Codes to support your overall wellness and facilitate a positive experience.

Before My Visit to the Dentist - Thoughts of going to the dentist can be unsettling especially when invasive procedures are necessary. This code was created to calm the mind and soothe any emotional responses to maximize your strength and readiness for this procedure. The energy also aligns all participants ahead of time to your highest and best outcome.

At My Dental Appointment - Hold this code during the dental appointment or give it to someone who will hold it for you. Ask that person to imagine the energy encoded in the picture is surrounding your energy field. This code is supercharged to optimize all aspects of your experience.

Accelerate My Recovery & Healing - This code was created to reduce all origins of trauma, minimize inflammation and maximize the body’s healing capacity. It is best to follow the dentist’s recommendations for applying ice packs. Using this code in addition to applying ice packs may reduce or eliminate your need for pain medications. Use this code several times a day for cumulative benefits.

Each code comes with its own powerful intention.

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